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black innocent and white sin
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9th-Aug-2015 09:50 pm - My Prince
No matter how bad the day's going.
Or If I look like a mess.
Will {still} treat me like a Princess.

my first blog crew XD
if you like what you see and wanna claim someone then click on Wataru's name =D
2nd-Oct-2013 12:27 pm - meet my new friend

I got an oven
a mini oven XD
look at it

so cute and it works like a big oven

my family from Vietnam visited Germany for a month and it was so nice seeing them all
I already miss them
didn't had much time together but it was still fun
just look at them cuties *___*<3

I have by far the most cutes cousins in the world if I did say so myself
we visited Prague there
and look at the luggage XD

on another note...
I am planning Cosplay (again)
this time it wil be Lightning's XIII-2 armour I am so excited
and Ouma Mana's awakend Eve form from Guilty Crown
but that will be for 2014
23rd-Jun-2013 12:47 am - friday with friends

celebrating a friends un-birthday XD
went to a small lake

lake funCollapse )

19th-Jun-2013 10:53 pm - lol, missed me?

soon my aunt, uncle and some of my cousins will visit Germany *___*
I am so excited

haven't told you about my finished Cosplay for LBM right?
well, I did a shooting in Berlin with my friends and the results are so awsome...
you can take a look here on animexx
looking forward to more fun with my friends

lately I am into Mononoke *___*
well, not the Princess Mononoke thing but this:

how I love the Kusuriuri <3
and he is voiced by my favorit voice actor Takahiro Sakurai <3 <3
to me his voice is pure earcandy XD sorry I am fangirling again
if you like myths and gohststories you should give it a try
8th-Mar-2013 01:17 pm - final spurt

one week left until LBM...
and I am still not finished °>__>
the jacket doesn't turn out how I wanted and now I am trying to fix that somehow

please ignore the orange shoes XD
what needs to be finished:

1. bands on the jacket and trimming, hand ornaments on the sleeves
2. ruff
3. shoes
4. nested cloth on the hip

5. optional: adding pearls to the trousers

at least my hair is done

and then my Pokemon costume... which I haven't started yet...
I am so sleep deprived

17th-Feb-2013 01:52 pm - on the finishing line
only one subject left to pass and two essays to finish then I am free *___*

all materials fpr the Cosplays are gatherd now I can lock myself up in my room to work for hours and hours...
have to buy grocery first °XD

nothing much happend here
only that I made chocolate for Valentin's Day with a friend
and they are so delicious

we made Amarena-cherry pralines with chilli
Macha green tea pralines and
Cranberry-yogurt pralines

the photo was taken by my friend, she is such a great photographer

I hope you all had a wonderfull Valentin's day too
15th-Jan-2013 10:41 am - I am alive... really!!

OMG... I am lacking again XD

but I have a good excuse... kind of...

it is 2013!!! horay
hope you all are well and didn't forget about me ;___;

this year is going to be stressfull
I am aiming for my bachlor degree but I still have some courses unfinished
my movie-friend has moved to Leipzig for his actor training and I visited him for New Years Eve
it was fabulous XD

because of all the other sites like fb, twitter and so on I kind of neglected this site
but I will still continue updating... starting today!!

dame, I make this vow every year and at some point I start spaceing out =__=°

this years LBM is coming too
and I have two group cosplays this year

saturday will be a pink princess, and it is not Peach nor Zelda XD
I am not telling you because the Manga is quit unpopular in Germany and we wanna make a great debut at the book fair

sunday will be Pokémon
my Cosplaypartner from last year wants to do a big group but currently we are just 4 people XD
Haru_Neko as Meganium
a friend      as Umbreon
myself        as Espeon
and chibi_yumi was not sure wich to take... no wonder if you have to choos between over 600 Pokémon
and 2 new editions are on the start too

we will see what will come

10th-Nov-2012 06:26 pm - Trip to Italy day 5

finally, the last day to tell you about
I was a bit busy so I couldn't find the time to write right after it happend
(not to mention I had no internet in Italy)

so, here is the last day of my Italy vacation

this way please...Collapse )
29th-Oct-2012 11:52 pm - Trip to Italy day 4
oh god, I should really update more frequently °XD
now finishing my Italy trip

day 4 was in Rome again

signseeing...Collapse )

well then... only one day left and I am finished
then I can tell you guys about my second Connichi in Kassel/Germany and the moonfestival XD
so much things to catch up

stay healty and see you soon
Thanks for visiting.